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Men reveal the four words they LOVE hearing during sex

DO you struggle with dirty talk? Here are some naughty phrases that could help to spice up your sex life.


The T-Bone is the sex position couples are loving – it’ll SPICE things up in the bedroom

IF YOU’RE struggling to keep it hot in the bedroom, here’s a new sex position that will certainly spice things up.


Couples love the Sweet Spoons sex position – it helps to hit her G-spot

WANT to try a kinky twist on the spooning sex position? Here’s a move that stimulates the G-spot and provides thigh-shaking orgasms.


How to increase your sex drive naturally: Eat THIS food to raise libido

STRUGGLING with low libido or erectile dysfunction? Eating more of these aphrodisiac foods could help you to overcome your intimate issues – here’s how.


The Leftover Legover is the sex position ALL couples should try this Christmas

RE-IGNITE some passion in the bedroom this Christmas with this kinky sex position. This cowgirl inspired move is a fun move for men and women.


Sex expert gets paid THOUSANDS to orgasm: ‘There’s a lot of money to be made’

A WOMAN has dished the dirt on her latest venture in which she gets paid to review sex toys.


Woman dumps boyfriend after he puts his ‘tiny’ penis into her belly button

A WOMAN lifted the lid on her sex life. In a candid article, she revealed what made her ex bad in bed. So would you break up with someone for doing this?


Want to spice up your sex life? Here’s why couples love teledildonics

THIS sex toy trend is a hit among long distance lovers. Here’s how you can pleasure your partner without even being in the same room as them.


Brits say THIS is the scariest sex position – it might surprise you

POPULAR sex positions include missionary, doggy and girl on top. While these are common, there are some moves couples are too scared to try.


I met my wife when I was very young

She was adorable but we rather rapidly drifted apart. She was happy to look after the kids and that was it. There were many times when I felt that I was shut out of the family life, and in the end I met…