My boyfriend had to go away for a week recently, and last Sunday, I found myself lying in bed thinking about what else I could do. I had worked a really long night shift at London escorts of, and I really felt that I could do with some company. But, as my boyfriend was not at home, I just had to make do with missing out on Sunday morning sex, and settle for a croissant and black coffee instead. Not that sort of thing a girl wants to do on a Sunday morning. I can think of many more exciting things that you can do on a Sunday morning, and I am sure that you can as well.


So, what can you do, if you wake up on your own on a Sunday morning? My boyfriend had kindly left me his credit card to use and a little note to say to do some online shopping if I got bored on Sunday morning. I thought about what kind of shopping I could do with that card. Perhaps I could dial up a male London escorts service and ask if they had somebody available. I was not sure that my boyfriend had meant that when he left me his credit card.


I thought about getting dressed, take a nice long shower and see if one of my friends at London escorts was also available. That would be kind of a nice idea, we could go shopping and get rid of some of our frustration in that way. Then I took a look at my bank balance and realized that I had not hit my monthly savings target yet, so I quickly discarded that crazy idea. Perhaps I should just use his credit card for some online shopping.


No other ideas immediately popped into my head, and I find that I was rather lost in it all. Maybe I should phone up one of the more exclusive hotels in London, and find out if they had any beauty rooms free. If I used my boyfriend’s credit card to pay for a treatment over the phone, it would be the same thing as shopping online.  A beauty treatment would put me in a good mood for my next shift at London escorts.


It is really strange when you get your entire weekend disrupted by not being able to have sex on Sunday morning. Finally, I threw off the duvet cover and went into the shower. I was planning to give one of my colleagues at London escorts a call to find out if she wanted to come around. I thought that we could share a lazy Sunday and talk about the things that had happened during the week. It could be just what we both needed, and maybe we could then sneak out for a very naughty lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It is just that sort of thing that you can do when you can’t have sex on Sunday morning…