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Dating a sexy celeb

Are there too many celebs in the UK? We seem to thrive on celebs here in the UK, and it seems to me that lots of people would like to become celebs. Do they know enough about being celebs? I work with a…


When I had enough

I had been married to my husband for about 12 years when I suddenly decided that I had enough. He was always putting the brakes and stopping my creativity. When I felt that I was starting to hate him, I knew that it…


There are some days when I think that I work way too hard with North London escorts.

I think that this is a different agency, and many of the girls who work for North London escort agency, do take a different approach. I have worked for other escorts services around North London, and the experience has been different. One of…


Living a good and happy life is the most precious thing you could ever feel.

Someone who could love and care for you for the rest of your lives.  In life, we only wish one thing to find someone who is genuine to us. Someone who won’t tired of loving us and give up. We just need someone…